About me

We are a band from Melbourne.

An album needn't be just a bunch of separate songs; we wanted to create not just dance songs, not just a mix. We get our inspiration from such great albums as The Avalanches - Since I left you, Quiet Village - Silent Movie and Get a room by Mr Geoffrey and JD Franzke. Playing more then sampling, we’ve hoped to create that time and place when the ordinary becomes something else…

Not just an ordinary seagull, this was the prince of seagulls… TPOS is made up of the duo Hanna Silver and Paul Harmon (and friends), two members of the Melbourne dance scene who have been plying their trade under different guises for many years. Their aim in working together was to let out all those ideas that they weren't able to do otherwise. The result; a euphony of different genres molded into a single soundtrack. Think disco meets African meets church music meets garage rock meets movie theme music and more.